Juggles the alien whore perished in the fires of mount shithead, Apollo nearly died fighting him. He somehow made it after plummeting 80 thousand feet, Juggle's mutilated ogre corpse breaking his fall. After his death the Almighty Ogre god took a fat stinky camel shit right in his mouth.

This is footage of what happened.

To the right is a sighting of Juggles.

The only thing anyone knows about Juggles the Ogre Whore is that he was friends with his fuck buddies. He also has a stinky ogre vagina. Please help its so stinky im suffocating. Please stay away from this shit eating ogre

Witnesses stated: "He smells like creamy liquid horse shit. He actually looks like fiona after getting hit by a car and getting set on fire. I hope I never encounter him ever again or else i'm gonna go to his house and make him eat my dogs disgusting dry crunchy shit and my cats liquid smelly vomit. I will also bring my cat so she can shit and piss on him and then my dog will rip him apart and we will burn him."

Insane right? Stay away from this juggalette slut

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