Hoppsie the Clown Edit

Hoppsie is a smoft boy with cute clothes and a WONDERFUL color pallette! he looks very good in those frills, but the flower crown needs to be bigger to show off how much he likes killing plants!

Appearance Edit

Please dont compare to melanie martinez

Personality Edit


Relationships Edit

Hoppsie is actually a very weird person when it comes down to relationships. While being p

Frag Edit

shorter cute bf whomst he loves

Juggles Edit

Big stinky try flirty with hoppsie, ,

Clesse Edit

Being Hoppsie's ONLY girlfriend, he has a deep caring for her. Since he joined the circus he's always had this connection with her, which eventually evolved into being a sort of love. He really opens himself up by singing her to sleep, softly playing ukulele in relaxing times, and showing her his act of tightrope walking up close (of course, he doesn't always do that one. Considering he doesn't want to hurt her in anyway.) He enjoys taking her out on little dates, such as on picnics or to get ice cream.

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