Domino the Clownie Edit

Domino is small and cheerful, basically everything you could ever want in a lil stuffed friend! Domino is mostly a mute adorable little friend who respects everyone's wishes an will give anyone a second chance! Aren't they just a sweetheart?

Appearance Edit

Outfit wise; Domino wears a cone shaped hat that has three red colored dots coming down on it. They wear a big white neck collar as well. Their clothing is a jump suit-like yellow outfit covered with tiny red dots in a polka dot pattern, as well as three big red dots going down in the center. They also have a white collar surrounding their hands attached to the outfit.

Appearance wise; Domino has a very strange appearance, having a long pointed snout and not seeming human like. Their skin color is pure white, except for the hands and feet, which are pure black. On Domino's face, they have a darkish red nose and light pink cheeks. Their eyes have a rubberhose like look to them, being also pure black. Under their eyes, they have two tear drop like lines, which is most likely makeup.

Personality Edit

Domino is very nice and kind towards almost anyone they stumble upon. They respect anyone and always gives people a second chance. Domino has a very optimistic look towards things. They act like a young child. Although, they could easily be scared or frightened by things, as well as easily be emotional. As if they goof up they will quickly apologize and such. Although they have the ab to speak and talk, most of the time they would prefer to be on mute.

Relationship ships Edit

Some relationships here are sometimes canon or just ships that people had thought up.

Badlin Edit

Badlin is Domino's boyfriend, who Domino loves very much. They met somewhere when Domino was in backstage during one of the circus' shows, spotting a new comer and their friend, who was quickly known now as Badin and Blinky. Domino and Badin slowly had that cutesy small talk and as you have guessed they became a couple. This pairing is somewhat canon.

Fun facts Edit

• Domino is a stuffed animal kinda character, in which they have stuffing in them instead of blood and organs.

• They love doing tricks such as juggling!

• As well as the fact they are a stuffed animal, they squeak a lot!

• Their sexuality is pansexual. Everyone gets a chance in love!

• They like eating paper clips and mayonnaise. Sometimes they prefer to eat candy too.

• Domino was created by the user Donny, also known on Instagram as @_kittynootz_

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