Benny the Clownie Edit

Benny is very small but will rip out your throat proabably. You won;t know what he says unless you're fluent in binary code, and isn't that sad? He must have such inspirational messages to convey.

His favorite activity, no doubt, is leg day.



Benny Edit

Benny Is A Little Alien Who Ran from His Father, Who Ate His Mother, Siblings, And His Arms. He Is Pretty Much Mute And Rarely Talks And When He Does Sounds Like A Speech Bot And Only Speaks In Binary Code.

Appearance Edit

Benny Is Very Short, Standing At 2"4. He His Mostly Very Dark Grey With A White Face In The Shape Of A Heart. He Has A Small Red Nose With A Big Red Bowtie. He Wears 3 Different Cape's Of Three Different Lengths. The Shortest And Longest Cape's Being A Pastel-ish Rainbow Stripes With The Medium Sized One Being Blue With White Stars.

Personality Edit

Benny Is Typically A Quiet But Cheerful Clown. He Loves Interacting With Others But Fears The Ones That Are Extremely Tall. He Is Kind And Loves To Be Around Others. He Is Mostly Calm And Always Looks For The Bright-Side To Things! :o)

Relationships :o) Edit

Clesse Edit

Benny See's Clesse As A Really Good And Nice Friend. He See's Her As The Ball Of Light That Lights Up The Room!

Circe Edit

Benny Really Likes Circe! She's Benny's Best Friend And Protector! He See's Her As The Anemone And See's Himself As The Clownfish! :o)

Trixy Edit

Benny And Trixy Are The Best Of Friends! Even If Benny Is Pure, Sometimes He Likes To Cause Trouble! Him And Trixy Love To Prank Others. Pranking Buddies!!!

Caramel Candy Bags Edit

God I Love You Caramel Candies Please Don't Leave Me

Extra Edit

-He Stomps On The Floor A Lot Whether To Grab Someone's Attention Or Out Of Anger

-He Doesn't Like When Dogs Or Others Mistake Him For A Squeaky Toy, Bad Doggie! >:o(

-He Does have A Mouth! But It Isn't Visible Ever. He Only Show's It Off In Defense

-He Is Extremely Scared Of His Dad, EXTREMELY

-He Loves Candy, Especially Caramel Candy!


His Mouthie!!


The Mean Daddio!!

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