Alfie the Clownie Edit

The purest

Alfie is a big, huggable, loveable friend! He tends to get nervous around new people, but don't let that fool you, once he gets to know you, he'll love you to bits!! Alfie enjoys the simple things in life, such as cake, toys and other things that squeak, telling funny jokes and puns, and all other sorts of candies and sweets!

Appearance Edit

Alfie wears a tattered old jumpsuit that has big holes where the leg parts should be, leaving just rips and tears at the bottom. The jumpsuit is also riddled in patches from holes in the sleeves and one side of the jumpsuit. It also has cuffs at the sleeves and it comes with a very fashionable blue/green neck ruffle!!

Personallity Edit

Alfie is normally a very friendly, kind clown, telling his friends silly jokes and laughing with them. He enjoys making his friends happy, because seeing them happy makes him happy as well!! He tends to get nervous at times, though. When it comes to meeting new people, he gets anxious and tends to shut down or stay quiet. But once he talks to the person more, he becomes less nervous and more fun!! He loves hugs and having everyone he cares about the most around him.

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